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From design to implementation, I can create a beautiful website for you with either WordPress, Squarespace or of course the traditional way with HTML, CSS and more!


Did your husband or wife mess up and take important photos with the cameras aperture too low? I can fix that. Photo manipulation? Check. Now you can fulfill your dream of a funny Christmas card to send to the family.

Mobile First Websites

The majority of people now surf the web on their cell phone, because of this the concept of “Mobile First” websites are now the norm. This basically means that you design a website for mobile first, then for the desktop. All websites I create are Mobile First unless otherwise specified.

Social Media

Having a solid following on social media is a must.. I specialize in Instagram and can organically build your following, but I can also get you setup and running on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all the other important outlets.

HTML Emails

Let’s hit your customers inbox’s efficiently and effectively. Want to send out a daily email of your newest blog post or perhaps a weekly/monthly newsletter. I can code and create you a template from scratch OR set you up on an easy-to-use template. I work with Mailchimp, Benchmark and all other major emailing services.

Print Material

Flyers, booklets, letterheads, business cards and posters. If you want it printed, chances are I can create it for you.


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About Me

I’ve been working with computers for as long as I can remember. As a child my father worked for a computer company called Data Systems, I was lucky enough to always be blessed with the latest in computer technology. He used to bring home laptops and desktops for my brothers and I to mess around with and learn from. I distinctly remember playing ‘Mario is Missing’ on an old MDOS computer around 1995; probably the hardest game I’ve ever played, granted I was about 6 at the time.

My father was able to peak my interests in technology, but it was my brother who first showed me Photoshop while I was in Middle School. I remember being amazed that I could edit, crop, cut and all the other bells and whistles that came along with Photoshop 7. That’s right, I’m talking before the Creative Suite versions and even longer before the Creative Cloud versions that are now the norm.